Stray Kitten Enters Redditor’s House “By Boldly Walking” Past Dog and Remains Living There

Reddit user u/Littlewalterblues recently shared a story about how their household got a new four-legged member. The story was so amazing that it ended up receiving close to 20K upvotes on the platform.

u/Littlewalterblues uploaded a video on the r/aww subreddit that contains two clips stitched together. One clip shows a kitten coming from the street and entering a house while walking past a big dog who was resting in front of the door. The second clip shows the same kitten playing with that dog in the most adorable way possible.

The video ended up touching a lot of Redditors.

“Imagine being so tiny and hungry and all alone in the world, and then finding a warm loving home and an amazing big brother with a patience of a saint,” u/ElaineBenesFan wrote in the comments section.

“That is absolutely a cat that needed a home! Also, what a pup! So glad all are happy now,” u/rpnolet added.

In a subsequent chat with Newsweek, u/Littlewalterblues revealed more details about the story. According to this animal lover from Brazil, the kitten, now named Zico, went into hiding under the hood of his car upon entering the house.

The Redditor needed several hours to lure it out of his hiding spot before getting curious about how she got there in the first place. It was only when he watched the footage from the security cameras that he realized what happened.