Super-Confident Dog Steals the Show at a Beauty Pageant in Brazil

The audience and the judges at the recent Miss São Mateus do Sul beauty pageant in Brazil witnessed a unique catwalk performance that they won’t forget anytime soon. At one point during the competition, a super-confident dog crashed the stage and completely stole the show.

Danieli Link Weber, who was among the people who watched the pageant, fortunately, recorded the whole thing and later posted it on her TikTok. The short clip, which quickly became viral,  shows the dog taking an elegant walk down the runway, stopping to give the audience a brief look. He then gets off the stage, leaving everyone amazed. E esse doguinho que invadiu a passarela na hora do desfile das candidatasse Miss ! Hahaha que nota vocês dariam ? Eu dou nota 1000 🥰#fy #fyp #viral #dogsoftiktok #passareladossonhos #miss ♬ som original – Danieli

The Dodo reached out to Weber, who revealed that everyone at the show was thrilled by the surprise competitor.  “I laughed and clapped,” Weber said. “I thought it was great. He was cheered. There was a lot of laughter and applause from the audience.”

Everyone at Miss São Mateus do Sul immediately crowned the dog as the winner of the competition. Even the official winner of the pageant, Jennifer Jaworski, admitted that the dog got the biggest ovations. And she didn’t even mind.  

“I loved how everyone reacted to him,” Jaworski shared. “I definitely applauded even more. I love animals.”