Blind Fox and Disabled Terrior are Best Friends

It’s not often that you see a dog and a fox becoming best friends, especially when one of them is blind and one is disabled. Despite their limitations, this West Highland White Terrier Jack and a fox named Pumpkin are the best of friends. The story of how this unlikely friendship happened is just too cute.

Jack, a five-year-old wheelchair-bound Westie, had a spinal tumor that prevented him from walking, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming Pumpkin the fox’s accidental guide dog, strolling around the park and waiting for Pumpkin to catch up.

When Pumpkin hears Jack’s wheels, she follows behind him. After the walks, the two, who live in North London with their owner, Ana Lapaz-Mendez, love cuddling together.

Lapaz-Mendez, a vet, saved both animals from being put down. The vet took in one-year-old Pumpkin after finding her with two broken legs and realizing that she couldn’t take care of herself because she was blind. Jack and Pumpkin also live with fellow rescue dog Croqueta.

While the duo has a great relationship, they do get on each other’s nerves like any other siblings.

“It’s not the perfect relationship because sometimes Jack gets annoyed with her, but it’s like a brother and sister relationship. He tells Pumpkin off a lot when she needs it without hurting her, but I’m not sure how much she understands,” Lapaz-Mendez told Mirror.

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