Panda the Horse Can’t Stop Running Away From Home to Visit Patients

Horses have a reputation for being obedient animals, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be mischievous at times. TikTok user Maija Vance is learning this firsthand since her beloved horse Panda keeps running away from home to visit patients at the nearby Dementia Unit.

Vance recently posted a video on her TikTok account that shows her riding Panda and having a disapproving look on her face.

“How many times has my horse got loose and run into the dementia unit in town, and I had to ride him home…” she wrote on top of the video.

@maija.vance Slim Shady would never do that to me. #palominopaint #horses #equestrian #equestrianproblems #horsetok #horsetrends ♬ 2 Times – Original Extended Version – Ann Lee

The clip quickly captured the attention of social media users, who used the opportunity to make various jokes but also wondered why the horse kept coming back to the dementia patients.

Vance quickly released a follow-up video explaining that she took Panda to the Dementia Unit once for a visit. The patients loved the horse very much and gave him carrots. Panda obviously also grew fond of them and now wants to visit them all the time regardless of whether he’s allowed or not.

@maija.vance Replying to @mercury.n.the.snail #therapyhorse #horses #palominopaint ♬ original sound – MAIJA

While Panda is giving Vance some headaches with his behavior, we think she doesn’t mind it as much. He brings some joy to the patients with his energetic spirit, and she always knows where to find him.