Thai Dog Amira is Living Her Best Life After Walking on Two Legs for Nine Years

Many rescue dogs go on a wild journey before finding their way to loving and caring owners, and that’s certainly the case with Amira. The former Thai street dog survived a gunshot to the head and spent years walking on two legs, but she’s now living her best life.

Amira now lives a fulfilling life in Canada with her owner Lara Pleasence, her husband, two kids, and three more dogs, but her journey to get to Montréal was pretty long. She spent years living on the streets of Thailand before Pleasence learned about her through the Soi Dog Foundation.

Flying to Thailand to adopt her wasn’t an option in the middle of the global pandemic in 2020, but Amira was eventually shipped to Montréal and quickly fit into her new life.

Amira was born without front legs and she survived many hardships in Thailand, but those days are long behind her. She now uses prosthetic legs to navigate her surroundings, and they’ve given her a new lease on life.

“She was 11 years old [when she got her prosthetic legs], and most people believed that an old dog would never be able to learn how to walk in these new legs, but with time, patience, love, and lots of cookies, Amira proved everybody wrong,” Pleasence told Bored Panda.