The Colorful Life of Harley The Cockatoo

One of the most popular cockatoos on Instagram is Harley, a female umbrella cockatoo who lives with her human parents Jos and Anja in The Netherlands. She also has a parrot brother named Gizmo, who is a Senegal parrot.

The owners always wanted to have a cockatoo but they first evaluate the pros and cons of having a cockatoo as a pet, before getting one.

“We read a lot about what it is having a cockatoo the positives things but more important the negative things  … Most people forget this …. they are very loud, make very much dust, a lot of mess, destroy everything they got in their beak  … so we take a year to get all the plusses and the minuses in our head .. before we say yes,” Anja wrote on their YouTube channel.

Cockatoos require a lot of attention and they’re very emotional. They also scream very loud. But despite all of this, Harley is a fun and playful bird who loves pellets, fruits, and cups. And thanks to her cuteness overload, Harley has gained over 135k followers on Instagram and her followers look forward to her daily adventures.