These Costumes For Dogs Are Made Of Recycled Materials

J.B. Shepard is a photographer who spent the last two years creating costumes for dogs from recycled materials such as newspapers, beer boxes, paper plates, plastic cups, etc. He then photographed the dogs in these creative costumes and that’s how Paper Hats, his adorable collection of pet portraits, was created.

“The goal of Paper Hats is to show that all anyone or anything needs to shine is a second chance. Whether it’s a foster dog who was dealt a rough start or a newspaper circular printed only to be never read, that with a little love, patience, and creativity it could be something amazing”, Shepard shared on Bored Panda.

The photographer worked with a rescue and foster organization called Bella’s Bully Buddies and took photos of shelter or adopted dogs. His main objective is to help these dogs find homes and that’s why all the profit from images are donated to Bella’s Bully Buddies.

Prints are available for purchase here.

Take a look at the photos below.