This Cat Has Unique Eyes And People Are Loving Her For It

Pets who are special and unique always separate themselves from the pack. Crazy Eyes Olive is doing just that, as her momma Michelle confirms in an interview with Bored Panda.

Olive is a beautiful tabby cat with strabismus, a condition in which her eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object. Her mom explained that she doesn’t know if Olive was born with this condition, or she developed it later in life. However, according to her, one thing is for sure: Olive sees just fine and has adapted to it.

“She can play and run around just as a normal cat would, even though she looks a little different,” Michelle said. “She loves to burrow in blankets for long naps, and her favorite toy is a black twist tie.”

But sadly, her furry child has a neurological problem that causes her to have seizures—but thanks to medication, vets were able to manage it over the course of her life.

Thanks to her unique eyes, Olive became an internet sensation with more than 170,000 followers on her Instagram profile. Her mom loves that people adore her despite her disability.

To see what makes her tick, check out the gallery below!