This Cute Puppy Can’t Go to Bed without a Toy or a Blanket

We all know that most kids can’t go to bed or sleep without their favorite toy or blanket. But did you know that dogs have the same habits?

One YouTube user noticed that her Goldendoodle puppy Bentley always takes something with him when she calls him to bed. It first started with a puppy blanket, and then it turned into a nightly ritual where Bentley would just pick up his favorite toy or another item for that week and bring it to bed.

Amused by Bentley’s habit, his owner decided to record this adorable routine over the course of an entire year.  This resulted in an entertaining and cute video that you won’t be able to watch just once.

Check out the video below and especially pay attention to the 0:47 mark when Bentley tries to get a giant Teddy Bear up the stairs.