This Husky Barks and Howls in an Italian Accent

It isn’t uncommon to see dogs adopting their owner’s habits and behavior. But it turns out that the connection between dogs and humans can go well beyond that.

A recent viral clip posted on TikTok by user @aaronthehusky_ shows a dog owner speaking in Italian and their adorable Siberian Husky responding with barks and howls in an Italian accent. The sounds that the dog is producing can’t be distinguished as words, but the way they sound definitely matches the distinct vocalization associated with the Italian language.

The video was viewed 7.9 million times with most TikTokers being in awe with the husky. Some users questioned the authenticity of the video, but one person pointed out in the comments section that it isn’t so uncommon for dogs to have accents.

“I just looked it up and apparently, dogs can have regional accents. so this dog doesn’t just sound Italian. IT IS Italian,” @ea_nasirr wrote in the comments.

As it turns out, several studies have shown that over time, dogs can develop accents. This is because the language and speech of their owners influence their vocalization. And this isn’t just the case with dogs. A number of other animals, including cows, can also adjust their vocalization to their surroundings.