This Pit Bull is Terrified of a Kitten, Doesn’t Want to Climb the Stairs

Considering their size and intimidating look, you would think that pit bulls are fearless. However, a recent viral video featuring an adorable pit bull named Prince Kuhio shows that’s not the case.

In a clip shared by @burlesonbullies, Prince Kuhio can be seen standing at the bottom of the stairs, afraid to climb to the top because a tiny kitten is waiting on the top.

“You don’t have to be scared of the kitty,” Prince Kuhio’s owner tries to encourage him.

However, the words of encouragement don’t seem to make much of a difference.


True Concern 😅🐈‍⬛ #DangerClose ⚠️ His Eyes! 😳😳😅😅 He Knows The Kitty’s true power 🤣😂 We ALL Do 😂😅 HILARIOUS!! 😂🤣 Burleson’s Prince Kuhio #TexLibby loved and spoiled by the good ppl @HanaiKennels 💯💯 🐾🐾 We Don’t Find Homes for new Dogs…We Match Perfect Homes for Perfect Pups 😊 🐾🐾 #BurlesonBullies #GotTex #FckSloppy

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The strange dynamic between the kitten and the pit bull proved to be quite entertaining for internet users. The video ended up receiving 48 million views since being posted earlier in March.

After watching the clip, TikTokers turned to the comments section to offer their opinions.

“That cat has been terrorizing buddy behind closed doors,” one user commented.

“He’s seen a thing or two we don’t know about,” another added.

We don’t know why Prince Kuhio acted the way he did, but he probably had his reasons. Who knows, maybe the kitty is really much more dangerous than it looks.