This Turkey and Dog Have the Most Unique Friendship You’ll Ever See

Dogs and turkeys aren’t usually best buddies, but Minnow and Blossom are meant for each other. They have a couple of things in common and they both had a rough beginning. Minnow was saved from a dog meat farm, while Blossom was rescued from an industrial turkey farm when she was only five weeks old.

“She came to the shelter. I set her up in my office and she was kind of terrified. I brought her home and at that moment blossom was immediately confident,” their mom Abbie Hubbard told The Dodo and added that Blossom wasn’t supposed to stay forever so she took her to a sanctuary. The turkey got really sad and depressed so her mom brought her back home.

Both the dog and turkey were so happy to be together again. They love looking out of the front door together, playing with toys, hanging out in the backyard, going hiking, and snuggling on the couch together.

“Minnow and I were definitely family before Blossom came, but there was just this missing piece. Blossom was that. Having both of them has just taught me that love is universal,” Hubbard revealed.

Recently, they got two new turkey members; Rosie and Olive. Scroll down and check out their adventures.