This Lizard Loves Cuddling With His Mom

Sarah and Winston are soulmates; except, one is a big lizard. Winston loves his mom, and whenever he wants to cuddle he will crawl up her leg.

The lizard was abandoned by his previous owners and was in pretty rough shape. However, his mom Sarah managed to nourish him back to life. Now he is living the perfect life, but sometimes he can be a little bit naughty.

“He loves shoes. Shoes are his favorite things that he’s not allowed to have because I have gone through at least 10 pairs of shoes with him. He knows certain commands. I could say, ‘Come here, Winston,’ and he’ll come. He knows what ‘outside’ means,” Sarah told The Dodo and added that he also loves going for a walk.

Winston did another great thing, he helped Sarah to pursue her dream and became a reptile educator.

“I was actually one of those people ‘Uh, lizards? They don’t show affection.’ Winston is smart, I mean, he definitely shows a bond. I think it was definitely meant to be. I can’t imagine my life without him,” she said.

Scroll down and check their bond below. You can also have a look at their Etsy store where you can purchase paintings done by the talented reptile.

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I was stuck like this for about 30 minutes lol

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