This Dog Rescued From the Dominican Republic Now Lives a Happy Life in NYC

When Megan Rose was going on a vacation to the Dominican Republic, she didn’t have a clue she would return home with a dog. One day, while she was going for a walk on the beach, she saw a dog lying in the sand with the sun blasting on her. When the canine saw her, she immediately ran to her. That’s when her vacation turned into a rescue mission.

“The first moment I met her, she just melted into us,” Rose told The Dodo. “So the plan, from day one, was to just get her to New York, and then get her to fosters. We have two border collies, so that’s enough in New York City.”

However, when people became interested in adopting Rumba, Rose would always find something wrong with the potential adopter. Now she admits that she didn’t want to let go of the doggo.

“I could not picture my life without her in it. There was just something about this dog. I don’t know what it was. We just had this crazy connection. She’s definitely part of the family now,” she added.

Rumba shares her Instagram account with her brother and sister, so if you are interested in their adventures, check out the gallery below.

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