TikToker Finds Out One of Her Two Girl Guinea Pigs Isn’t a Girl in the Best Way Possible

TikTok user @theogmady recently shared an amazing story about how she found that one of her two girl guinea pigs isn’t actually a girl.

In a video shared on TikTok, @theogmady can be seen taking attending to her guinea pig pets. At one point, she takes a small pouch and notices there is something inside. After she puts the pouch down, a small guinea pig jumps out to TikToker’s apparent shock.

“We thought we had two girl guinea pigs …” it says in the text posted in the video, which got viewed more than four million times since being posted in late March.

Other TikTok users were amused by the video, although some wondered how @theogmady could fail to notice that there was a baby guinea pig running inside. As it turns out, newborn guinea pigs are born with full fur and are immediately active and can run around.

Later on, @theogmady shared a series of photos in which she detailed the story about her guinea pig pets. It turned out that the black guinea pig Jesse is actually a male while the white one named Bo Peep is a girl. She also added that “mama and baby are doing great.”