TikToker Gets Her Food Delivery Stolen by a Raccoon

Raccoons are opportunistic animals and are always on the lookout to score some easy food. Apparently, they are not just going through trash cans anymore; they have also started intercepting food deliveries.

TikTok user Caterina Sevares recently shared a video that shows a raccoon stealing tacos that were delivered to her doorstep. When Sevares opens the door to bring the food inside her apartment, she notices that the paper bag is torn with several taco shells lying on the ground.

Standing in the hallway is a raccoon who doesn’t even look sorry for what he did. Instead, he starts walking towards the food again, seemingly wanting to get the rest of it.

“Bro raccoons run my apartment complex I can’t even,” Sevares wrote in the caption of the video, which received 5.5 million views since being shared in February.


Bro raccoons run my apartment complex I can’t even #raccoon #raccoonsoftiktok #fyp

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While some TikTok users felt sorry about Sevares having her food stolen, others were quite amused by the fact that the raccoon saw an opportunity to get some free food and took it.

“He really stood up and said I bet you won’t fight about it,” one TikToker commented.

“He came back and was like, you might as well let me have the rest,” another added.