Herding Dog Has a Hilarious Reaction After Seeing Sheep on TV

Herding dogs instinctively react to a disorganized herd of sheep and take it upon themselves to bring them back in order. As it turns out, this instinct kicks in even if those sheep are just moving images on television.

A viral video recently shared by Instagram user @sheepdogsky shows an adorable Old English Sheepdog named Sky watching TV. When her human switches the channel to a program showing a herd of sheep, Sky immediately goes into her herding mode.

As soon as she notices sheep on the screen, Sky darts towards the TV and starts jumping around and barking in hopes that those sheep will obey her.

“She’s been addicted to this TV specially when sheep are on … wait to the end – one day she’ll knock this tv off,“ it says in the caption of the video.

Old English Sheepdogs usually display some basic herding instincts and capabilities on their own. However, in modern times, that instinct is less prominent, considering the breed isn’t being used for herding that often. Instead, they are mainly show dogs or pets. With that being said, Old English Sheepdogs can still be trained to reach their full herding potential and become successful herding dogs.