Viral TikTok Video Shows Dachshund Following the White Line on the Road During Walk

We all like to come up with some mini-games to make ordinary activities more fun. But it appears that this isn’t just something humans do; some dogs do it as well.

In a viral video posted on social media by TikToker Macy Clark, a dachshund named Herbie is seen walking on the road with his owner while sporting a winter coat. Herbie isn’t interested in running around like most other dogs do, and instead makes sure to follow the white line on the road. It is almost like the pupper is playing a game of “floor is lava” to make its daily walks a bit more entertaining.

“My dog will only walk on the white line,” Clark wrote in the video that received more than five million views since being posted in late 2023.

After watching the video, other TikTokers got the feeling that Herbie was indeed playing some games. “He’s collecting coins only he can see,” one user wrote in the comments section.

One TikToker, on the other hand, suggested it is part of the dachshund’s personality. “Hes a dachshund its only natural he follows the racing line,” they wrote.

Whatever it might be, we are sure that Herbie is having a lot of fun following the white line. And he looks so adorable doing it.