Watch Australian Shepherd, Goofy Go Hang Gliding with His Owner

Dogs are so devoted to their owners that they are willing to follow them wherever they go. Even if that means getting off the ground with them.

Erik del Rincon, professional hang glider from Mexico, recently decided to share the excitement of flying through the air with his Australian Shepard, Goofy and treat him with a free hang gliding session.

According to del Rincon, Goofy always seemed eager to follow him on his trips and seemed sad when he had to wait on the ground for his owner to return.

“Ever since I started flying he would chase me whenever I got in the air” – said del Rincon. “You could tell in my take offs that he wanted to come along, so when I got good enough to take him, I did.”

When he realized Goofy wanted to explore the skies with him, del Rincon decided to strap him onto the hand glider and take the adorable doggo along for the ride. While Goofy felt dizzy and overwhelmed the first time he flew, he quickly fell in love with it, and now he can’t get enough of it.

Check out some of Erik and Goofy’s flight below.