Why Do Not all Cats Enjoy Sitting on Your Lap?

Have you ever wondered why your cat doesn’t enjoy sitting on your lap? Let us assure you that it isn’t because they don’t love you. Here are some reasons why your cat might be avoiding sitting in your lap.


Kittens and younger cats have lots of energy and they often prefer to move around and explore their new home. They enjoy climbing on things rather than sitting still on your lap. Older cats are more likely to chill on your lap and seek comfort in the warmth of your body.


This depends on where you got your cat; Was she from a foster home or did you rescue her from the streets? This impacts how familiar and comfortable she is around people. If your cat is a street kitty, she is more likely to be wary of people and avoid cuddling with you, at least in the beginning.



Some cats will never be the cuddly type. Unforgettably, there is nothing you can do to change this. There are plenty of other ways for your cat to show you they love you, maybe they enjoy playing with toys with you.