Woman Reunites Lost Bush Baby Young With Its Mother

Facebook user Susan Koekemoer recently shared an amazing couple of videos on her profile that document a reunion between bush baby young and its mother.

According to Koekemoer, she found a bush baby young on the pavement in front of her garage. The first video shows a tiny bush baby that fits in the palm of her hand.

Knowing that the bush baby mother is likely looking for its young, Koekemoer decided to return it to the pavement and play a bush baby call on her smartphone. And it worked.

The second video shows a bush baby mother jumping from the outdoor light installation to the pavement and grabbing her young. She then quickly hops away, likely taking the young to their home.

Bush babies, also known as galagos and nagapies, belong to the primate family and are native to the sub-Saharan region of Africa. They are known for their large eyes, which allow them to have great night vision, as well as their jumping abilities.

Bush babies have a close relationship with their young. Mother doesn’t leave the young for several days after birth and then proceeds to carry them in its mouth. Bush baby young is fed by its mother for the first six weeks of its life and becomes independent after 10 weeks.