Meet Zelda, the Cat With the Curious Face

Image by @curiouszelda / Instagram

Have you met Curious Zelda?

This adorable kitten became popular on Instagram thanks to her unique look – because of her facial expression, she always looks surprised and puzzled.

The black and white feline lives in London with owner Met Tahiof who found her on the street. Met, his family, and basically everyone else are fascinated by Zelda’s look.

Curious Zelda now has over 30,000 followers on Instagram and you can see why below. She’s truly irresistible, isn’t she?

Along the photos of Zelda on Instagram, her owner often posts fun, short poems such as these, “Eat the spider, swat the fly, kill the pot plant, wonder why,” and “I’m feeling bored, not much to do, I tilt my head, the world is new.”

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Eat. Sleep. Panic. Repeat.

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