4 Mind-Blowing Facts About Koalas

Photo by Gary Runn on Unsplash

Aside from their undeniably adorable appearance, koalas are rather fascinating creatures with a whole bunch of cool stuff to learn about. Here are some interesting koala facts that’ll make you rethink these cute creatures.

Leaf Life

Koalas aren’t into variety when it comes to food—they’re all about eucalyptus leaves. Even though the leaves are toxic, koalas munch on up to one kilogram of them every day! It’s all thanks to their unique digestive system, able to break down harmful compounds with ease.

On the Nose

With noses that are practically built for the job, koalas can sniff out the most nourishing eucalyptus leaves like nobody’s business. Plus, their sharp sense of smell helps them detect the scent markings left by their fellow koalas.

One of a Kind

When it comes to species, koalas are pretty much the only branch left on the entire Phascolarctidae tree. They’re the last of their kind, but sadly, their numbers are dropping, landing them a ‘vulnerable’ status from the IUCN.

Battling a Disease

Koalas are waging a silent war against Chlamydia. They picked up the disease from exposure to infected livestock, and as their biology makes them treatment-proof, it poses a real threat. Scientists are trying to find specialized treatment options to help them stick around.