4 Incredible Sea Animals You’ve Never Heard of

Photo by Kris-Mikael Krister on Unsplash

You have no idea how many strange and beautiful creatures live deep in the ocean. This concise list is far from covering even an inch of them, but it does explore but a few of the numerous species living under the sea. So, put on your diving suit, and let’s begin.

The Stauroteuthis Syrtensis Octopus

Residing roughly one mile deep in the Atlantic Ocean, the glowing octopus utilizes bioluminescence to attract prey. The mesmerizing light displays created by its photophores literally make his food come straight into its mouth. How cool is that?

The Sea Angel

Platybrachium antarcticum, a predatory sea snail, navigates Antarctic waters with parapodia (i.e., specialized foot extensions) to propel itself. Hunting shelled pteropods for food, this sea creature is not as angelic in behavior as it is in looks.

The Frilled Shark

Chlamydoselachus anguineus, an ancient predator with roots dating back 80 million years, boasts a serpentine swim style and frilly gills. Despite its shark classification, it preys mostly on squid, which it swallows whole.

The Nudibranch

The nudibranch is a super cool sea slug known for its vibrant camouflage, with over 3,000 known species worldwide. Other than their fabulous looks, these underwater slugs have a unique defense mechanism—they ingest and reuse stinging cells from their prey.