Heike Kuzminski’s Art Will Make You Fall in Love With Birds All Over Again

Birds are a timeless symbol of freedom that have been around since the dawn of time, and many artists see them as a major source of inspiration. That’s certainly the case with Heike Kuzminski, whose paintings will make you fall in love with birds all over again.

Heike Kuzminski lives in Coquitlam, Canada with her husband, two sons, and two cats, and her art is often inspired by the natural beauty of her home country. Watercolor and ink are her preferred mediums, and she enjoys using them to create simple and striking compositions.

Running used to be one of her favorite pastimes before she suffered a knee injury, but something good came out of it. She decided to give hiking a shot and paid more attention to the informational signage on the trails once she was no longer in a rush.

She was drawn to birds shown in the pictures, so she started learning more about them, and they quickly became her main subject.

“I participated in the 100-day challenge on Instagram and painted 100 birds in 100 days. There were many requests to paint different birds from all over the world…I try to express the joy these birds bring me by exaggerating and accentuating features that stand out to me,” she explained on her Etsy page.