Logan Rash From Virginia is Collecting Fossils All Around the East Coast

People living by the ocean often fall in love with its deep waters, and that was certainly the case with Logan Rash from Virginia. He’s the mastermind behind East Coast Fossils, and he’s using his Instagram page to share his fascinating findings with the world.

Rash spent his childhood growing up in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and he’s always been in love with the great outdoors. He started hunting for prehistoric shark teeth when he was just 19, and his hobby grew into something much bigger over the course of the next decade.

He’s the mastermind behind the Instagram page East Coast Fossils, and some of his finds will knock you off your feet. We’ve seen him stumble upon everything from scallops to fossilized corals over the years, but prehistoric shark teeth remain his specialty.

Rash now lives in Virginia with his wife and kids, and he’s constantly exploring the coast of his home state. He’s an advocate for ocean preservation, and he’s using his Instagram page to educate the public about this topic.

Rash even wrote a book called Why We Need Sharks alongside his wife Halle Rash and illustrator Marc Dando. His years of scientific expertise and deep understanding of sharks inspired this children’s book, which aims to explain the importance of sharks in marine ecosystems to the younger generations.