4 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Pet Bunny

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

Rabbits are furry balls of joy, so we don’t blame you if you consider getting one as a pet. However, before you adopt a pet bunny, there are some things you should know.

They Need to Be Kept Indoors

Rabbits are social animals, which is why they will enjoy it most if they are kept indoors. It also keeps them safe because they are vulnerable to predators.

Their Habitat Needs to be Big and Well Maintained

Bunnies are energetic, so they don’t like to be cramped up in small spaces. Make sure their habitat is big enough to allow them to move around and play with their toys. Also, keep it well maintained to avoid bad odors.

Bunnies Are Curious and Love Freedom

Your bunny should spend more than a few hours outside their enclosure. They are naturally curious and love freedom, which is why they need to be allowed to explore the house and jump around a bit. This also helps them stay active and exercise.

Bunnies Need a Lot of Love and Care

Bunnies need a lot of love, cuddles and attention to be happy, so make sure you give them plenty of that. Also, they are required to have regular visits to veterinarians so they remain in great health.