5 Fun Facts About Hornets

Photo by Bob Brewer on Unsplash

Most people find hornets scary due to their reputation as aggressive insects that attack humans on sight. But there is much more to them than this. They are actually quite interesting once you learn more about them. Check out some fun facts about hornets that will make you look at them in a different way than you used to.

Hornets Belong to the Wasp Family

Hornets are a part of the wasp family but differentiate from wasps in several ways. Hornets are usually bigger than wasps, and their body can be covered in all sorts of color patterns, unlike wasps’ signature yellow and black.

Hornets are Less Aggressive Than Believed

Various studies have shown that hornets are passive and will ignore humans in most circumstances. The only occasion when they become aggressive, and attack is when they feel that their colony is under threat.

Hornets’ Sting is Quite Powerful

Hornets have the most powerful stings compared to all other stinging insects. Due to their size, their sting packs a lot of venom and can be fatal for humans in some circumstances.

Hornets are Nature’s Pest Control

Hornets are somewhat of nature’s pest control. They target various smaller insects, including flies, caterpillars, and aphids.

Some Hornets Nest Below Ground

You will usually find a hornet nest in high places like trees and attics. However, some hornet species prefer to nest below ground because it gives them more privacy and makes their colony more secure.