Adorable Viral Video Shows Group of Capybaras Munching on a Giant Pumpkin

How can you make a group of capybaras happy? Well, if we are to judge by a recent viral video shared by Nagasaki Biopark, you just have to give them a huge pumpkin.

Nagasaki Biopark is a nature and ecological park in Japan that is home to a number of different animal species, including monkeys, rabbits, birds, and much more. It is quite popular among animal lovers as the visitors can freely interact with its residents while also having the opportunity to learn a lot about wildlife.

While there are numerous interesting animals you can meet at this park, its biggest stars are a heard of capybaras who instantly wow every visitor with their playful nature and adorable look. As of recently, they found their way to the hearts of internet users as well, thanks to a clip that shows them munching on a huge pumpkin.

Last month, Nagasaki Biopark staff decided to gift their capybaras with a one-of-a-kind treat and bring them a 110-pound pumpkin. They placed the pumpkin on park grounds and then called all of the cute rodents to feast on it.

As expected, the capybaras didn’t waste much time and have immediately started happily eating.

If you assume this was an adorable event, you’re right. But if you don’t believe us, check out the video below.