African Horseback Safaris Offers A Great Way To Explore The Okavango Delta

Every year, an influx of water from Angola floods into the Okavango Delta, which is located deep within the Kalahari Desert. The Delta becomes a lush animal habitat with a patchwork of river channels, lagoons, islands, and floodplains.

You can ride horses in the African Horseback Safaris and they offer one of the most exciting horseback adventures in the world. While you are exploring the safaris you can see various animals and birds including fauna and flora.

“Our experienced guides are full of fascinating stories about the ever-changing landscape, its trees and plants, and have an incredible ability to spot even the best-camouflaged wildlife. Our horses also have finely-tuned senses – keep an eye on their ears to see where animals are hiding. Once comfortable, our horses calmly drop their heads to graze, sending a signal to other animals in the area to relax and go about their normal daily routines,” reads the website.

“The pace of riding is varied; in between fast and thrilling gallops alongside giraffe, zebra and buck, in water and on land, we quietly stalk bigger game such as buffalo and elephant and take time to indulge in some of the best bird watching in the world.”