This Amazing Video of a Horse Making Snow Angels Will Brighten Your Day

Screenshot via Rumble Viral/YouTube

We all remember as children how exciting it was to wake up to a cascading fall of fresh, powdery snow. We then hopped into our winter coats and ran outside, built a snowman, threw a few snowballs, and of course: made snow angels!

However, it turns out that making snow angels isn’t limited to just humans.

Horses are not usually considered big fans of snow. They prefer dry and green pastures that allow them to run around freely and lift the ground with their hooves.

But as one recent viral video shows, this is not the case with all horses. It turns out that some of them do enjoy the wintertime.

In the clip, shared on RumbleViral, a stallion is seen walking around his pen and exploring the magical snow covering the ground. He then lays on it and starts making snow angels! Or trying to, at least.

Unsatisfied with his first effort, this playful horse then proceeds to make another one.

If you want to see something that will brighten your day, check out the amazing video!