Apparently, Dachshunds Are More Aggressive Than Pit Bulls

Photo by Izumi Jones on Unsplash

We all know that pit bulls are among the most aggressive dogs, right? Well, that might not be true, at least if you compare them with other, seemingly much nicer, dog breeds.

According to a 2008 study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, dachshunds are more aggressive than pit bulls – at least when it comes to bite attacks against owners and strangers. 20% of the dachshunds involved in the study had bitten or attempted to bite a stranger, compared to 7% of pit bulls. Also, 6% of dachshunds had bitten or attempted to bite their owner, compared to 2% of pit bulls.

Among other breeds that are more aggressive than infamous pit bulls are chihuahuas, Jack Russells, and beagles.

The same study showed that pit bulls are pretty aggressive toward other dogs, but so are the dachshunds. The latter came first for overall aggression in the study results.