Badger “Breaks” Into Woman’s House and Trashes the Place

Badgers are usually peaceful animals who enjoy solitary life. However, when they feel threatened or cornered, they can wreak havoc on everything that surrounds them. A woman named Charlotte Glazier found that firsthand when a badger “broke” into her house on the Isle of Wight, UK, and trashed the place.

When she returned home after a few days away, Glazier discovered that her house turned into a mess. She immediately assumed that she had become a victim of burglary. But once she got to the second floor and entered the bedroom, she found that the burglar was actually just a scared badger.

Glazier contacted the volunteers from Badger Trust Isle of Wight, who responded to the call immediately and came to the rescue. They managed to capture the badger and take it out of the house before releasing it into the wild again.

“She trotted off up the pavement without a care in the world. We usually get calls about badgers living underneath houses, so it’s very rare to get a call about a badger actually inside the house!” the rescuer who responded to the call told ITV.

As it turns out, the badger was most likely climbing the outside wall and fell into Glazier’s garden. Unable to get out, it panicked, causing it to break into the house and cause such a mess.