Brittany Blue & Her Head-Bobbing Lizard Chuck are Taking Internet by Storm

Bearded dragons are one of the most popular pet lizard species, and Brittany Blue can’t get enough of them! She welcomed several beardies into her home, including Chuck, who’s taking the world by storm with his hilarious head-bobbing videos.

Brittany Blue is the owner of several bearded dragons, and she couldn’t help but share their adventures with the world. Her videos found a huge audience on Instagram and TikTok, where her profile attracted over 150,000 followers and five million likes.

Blue’s is based in South Texas, where she lives with her “bougie beardies”, including Chuck, Khaleesi, and Gerald. They’re all special in their own right, but Chuck is definitely the biggest star, and he became a viral sensation after his mom started sharing hilarious videos that show him bobbing his head to the beat of different songs.

In addition to making us laugh with her hilarious videos, Blue is also dedicated to helping other bearded dragon owners out. She shared many different resources on her website Bougie Boutique, which she started with a mission “to empower and enrich the lives of bearded dragon enthusiasts by providing premium digital products focused on comprehensive care, innovative enclosure solutions, optimized lighting setups, nutritious diets, and expert parenting guidance.”