Bruno Pontiroli Paints Cows, Moose, and Camels in Surprising Positions

Painter Bruno Pontiroli creates mind-bending artwork exploring the similarities between humans and animals, painting the latter in some unusual positions – doing handstands or trying out yoga positions.

The artist doesn’t like being described as surrealist or dadaist. He proposes a new version of reality that can’t really be categorized. 

“Imagine a world based on a different logic; a universe comprised of the absurd and paradoxes,” his website reads. “A dream in which aircraft crash into clouds and snowmen model a human body using flakes of skin. My aim is to turn the narrow vision that we have of the world upside down and disturb our imagination while shaking an accepted reality with images that are as comprehensible as they are familiar. Distorting a symbol or mixing opposing universes allows me to question the identity of things so that I can reinvent them.”