Cat Born With Unique Markings Finds a Forever Home With Her Sister

When a litter of kittens was found in Southern California, one immediately stood out thanks to her unique features. A baby girl named Auntie Whispers, she was born with beautiful markings on her face that look like they were created by a painter.

She and her sister were brought into a foster home in rough shape but fortunately were successfully nursed back to health. Meanwhile, from the very beginning, Auntie Whispers and her sister Lorna formed a strong bond.

Their foster mom Erin later explained in a statement for Love Meow that the adorable feline with the beautiful markings loves being around humans and getting up-close and personal.

“She was petite and princess-like, and her sister was the rough and tumble type. When all the play was over, they both were the snuggliest and purriest little two,” she said. “She is quite the colorful girl. She has a ton of little freckles and random black hairs popping up all over.”

As time went by, the sisters got bigger and stronger. Soon a nurse came across their photos and immediately fell in love with both of them. Now Aunty Whispers, known as Miss Spink, and Lorna as Miss Forcible, are living their best life with their new family!