Cat Scared of Rain Keeps Bunny Inside With Him in This Funny Video

You will rarely find a cat that enjoys rainy weather. But as a recent viral TikTok video, shared by @itszovy, shows, cats don’t just dislike rain—they also believe everyone should feel the same about it.

In the clip, a cat and a bunny can be seen watching the rain falling through an open door. At one point, the rabbit decides it would like to get outside and enjoy the rain, but the feline isn’t having it.

As soon as the bunny attempts to get out, the cat slaps it and forces it to return inside.

“Cause he’s scared of the rain everyone else must suffer,” @itszovy wrote in the caption of this funny video.


Cause he’s scared of the rain everyone else must suffer #catsoftiktok #rabbitsoftiktok #catandrabbit

♬ original sound – Zovy

Other TikTok users ended up being quite amused with this situation.

“I’ve watched this 6 times and laughed 6 times,” one user wrote.

Cats tend to avoid rain mainly because they don’t like to get wet. First of all, they feel uncomfortable due to wet fur. Also, the added weight of the wet fur makes them less nimble. These are all valid reasons for not wanting to go outside while it’s raining. But they really shouldn’t try to force everyone else to follow their suit.