Dental Clinic in Ecuador Employs a Dog to Make Dentist Visits More Comfortable for Kids

Kids are often scared of going to a dentist. Their fear can be present for a number of reasons, including pain, sensory issues, and not knowing what to expect. This is why one dental clinic in Ecuador decided to employ a special assistant to help kids become more comfortable with dentist visits.

Parque Dental, a children’s dentistry center in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, counts an adorable retriever named Aldo as a member of their staff. Aldo is there to make every visit to a dentist go as smoothly as possible for kids.

When a kid is nervous or stressed about getting a dental check-up or a procedure, Aldo comes to calm them down. He allows the young patients to pet them while also distracting them from thinking about bad things with his contagious energy.

“He has had extensive training to become an emotional therapy dog specialized in children, with education focused on the dental office,“  Parque Dental shares.

Aldo has become a celebrity in Ecuador, with TV stations and media outlets making stories about his work. He is also famous on social media thanks to videos shared by Parque Dental that show the pupper in action.


Dogtor Aldo 🐶🦷 acompaña a los niños en sus citas con la odontopediatra. Los pequeños 👧👦 se relajan y ganan confianza más rápidamente. Odontología infantil sin temor #CreandoExperienciasPositivas

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