Dog Gets Caught Sleeping in his Owner’s Bed

When dogs find a spot they like, they just want to lay there and relax. More often than not, that spot is their owner’s bed. And can you really blame them?

TikTok user@bobbie_integrity_shs recently shared a video that documents how one dog got busted for sleeping in his owner’s bed while they were away.

The clip shows the pupper peacefully snoozing on the bed without a single worry on his mind. He doesn’t even notice his owner approaching. However, once the dog realizes he’s not alone, he immediately becomes wide awake and jumps on his feet.

The doggo was probably worried how his owner will react, but it turned out that he had nothing to worry about. Instead of being scolded, he was awarded with lots of cuddles.

“When you’ve been out of town and find your dog crashed in bed and he didn’t hear you come in,” @bobbie_integrity_shs wrote in the caption of the video.

The video received close to three million views in just 24 hours since being shared on TikTok. Internet users were especially amused with the dogs reaction, debating whether he was really worried about his owner’s reaction or was just reacting that way because he was woken up? What do you think?  Check out the video below and let us know.