Kangaroo Takes a Dip in the Ocean to Cool Off on a Hot Day

Kangaroos spend most of their days hopping across plains and savannas. However, if it is particularly hot, they won’t hesitate to find their way to the ocean shore.

Noosa North Shore Retreat, located in Great Sandy National Park, Australia, recently shared a video on its Instagram featuring a lively kangaroo taking a dip in the ocean. The animal can be seen jumping around and enjoying the splashes it produces.

“It’s not everyday you get to see our furry friends exploring the sea and this kangaroo‘s enthusiasm for adventure is infectious. Our ocean enthusiast enjoyed a few laps before he decided to jump back out of the ocean – happy and healthy,” Noosa North Shore Retreat wrote in the caption of the video.

While footage of a kangaroo in the ocean might be unusual for some, the fact is that kangaroos actually don’t mind water at all. Also, they are quite good swimmers and can move even in deep waters by propelling themselves with their strong tails.

Kangaroos mostly decide to enter the water when they need to cool off from Australia’s high temperatures. They will also do it to escape a predator or when they are scared by humans.