Cat Wants to Be Adopted So Bad That He Sits in a “Free” Basket

A cat named Bud, who is a resident of Putnam Humane Society, an animal shelter in Putnam County, New York, found a unique way to increase its odds of being adopted. Bud wants to find a new family so bad that he started sitting in the giveaway basket that has a “FREE” sign attached to it.

Putnam Humane Society recently shared a photo of Bud on Facebook, hoping to spread the word about his efforts.

“He’s a great senior boy, who loves affection, loves to be held, and would be such a great companion,” the Putnam Humane Society’s social media team wrote in the caption.

In a chat with The Dodo, Putnam Humane Society’s director Michele Dugan shared that Bud arrived at the shelter a few months ago. He isn’t demanding and likes to get as many pets as someone is ready to give him.

Unfortunately, being a senior cat isn’t helping Bud’s odds of being adopted, although Dugan hopes there is still someone out there willing to provide him with a warm and loving home. We really hope that turns out to be the case. 

“Bud would fit in just about anywhere, but being 14, he really needs to be the center of your attention and be your one and only,” Dugan told The Dodo.