Dog Gets Tired of Pet Cone and Decides to Remove it Herself

When your dog or cat has some kind of wound, they are bound to lick it or bite it even if they don’t suppose to. This is why pet cones, also known as Elizabethan collars, are so great. They prevent dogs and cats from reaching injured parts of their bodies and help the wound heal fast. But unfortunately, our pets are not aware of this, and they will try to get rid of the cone in any way possible.

A recent viral video posted on the TikTok profile @islatheviz illustrates just how much pets hate having a cone around their neck. It shows an adorable Vizsla dog named Isla doing her best to remove the cone, which was presumably fitted for her own good.

In the video, Isla tries to take off the cone by pulling down on it with one of her paws. She tries different techniques, but nothing does the trick. Eventually, she figures out she needs to use both of her paws and finally gets herself free.

After the cone gets off, Isla enjoys a moment of relief and then probably heads off to enjoy her freedom.

This entertaining video got more than a million views after being posted on TikTok in late June. It also attracted hundreds of comments from impressed TikTok users. 

“Omg! lol. I care for some dogs, and one of them got his cone off. I always wondered how he did it,” one TikToker wrote in the comments section.

“H— yea, my pups did the same thing over and over again,” another added.

Isla’s owner later clarified in one of the responses that the dog fully recovered and didn’t need to get a second cone.