Dog is Disappointed After Not Being Able to Eat the Food From the Movie Character’s Hand

Every time a dog sees and outstretched hand with a piece of food, they will assume it is for them. Often times, they are right. But sometimes, this habit of theirs can also lead to a huge disappointment, as one Golden Retriever recently learned.

A viral video shared by TikTok user @zxq8279 shows a Golden Retriever sitting in front of the TV and watching a movie. The scene shows a group of men sitting at a table and having a meal.

At one point, one character takes a bite of what seems to be a piece of bread and outstretches his arm. The dog immediately takes that as an invitation and goes in for a bit. Unfortunately, he meets the screen and learns by lick test that the food isn’t real.

After standing confused and bowing his head, the pupper ends up walking away in disappointment.

The video ended up causing a lot of TikTok users to feel sorry for the dog, and many of them demanded that its owner make things right.

“We allll need a video of you giving him a treat,” one TikToker commented.

“GIVE THAT BOY A TREAT,” another added.

It is unclear whether the doggo ended up getting the treat, but we like to believe he did. Nothing else would be right.