Dog Opens the Door to Let Its Cat Sibling Inside the House

Dogs and cats are supposed to be natural enemies. However, times and times again, we see that the two can get along quite well, especially when they live in the same household. Look no further than a recent video shared by Instagram user Cindy Andel.

The clip shows a cat sitting in the backyard in front of the closed glass door and waiting for someone to let her inside the house. Andel’s assistance dog Danja decides to help her cat sibling and pulls the latch that opens the door.

The dog fails a few times but doesn’t give up until the door is open. After the cat comes inside, Danja pulls the latch again in order to close the door.

“Still beautiful to look at. Danja bringing the cat inside. You can see that she doesn’t lower the latch properly at first. She knows if the door doesn’t open she has to pull again. Nice,” Andel wrote in the caption of the video (translated via Google Translate).

As it turns out, Danja helps the cat to leave the house as well. Another video shared by Andel shows Danja opening the door for the cat.