Woman Helps Save a Skunk Mother That Had Its Head Stuck in a Can

Helping animals doesn’t take much effort, but it can mean a difference between life and death for them. Sometimes, a simple call to animal rescuers is enough to do the trick, but one Pennsylvania native was willing to do even more for a skunk mother in distress.

In a recent Facebook post, animal organization Raven Ridge Wildlife Center from Washington Boro, Pennsylvania, shared a story about how a woman named Laura helped save a skunk that had its head stuck in a can.

As soon as she noticed the skunk in her driveway, Laura placed a call to Raven Ridge Wildlife Center. Worried that the skunk might get away before the help came, staff told her to try and capture it. Laura obliged, getting creative and trapping the animal in a clothes basket.

After the skunk made its way to Raven Ridge Wildlife Center, the veterinarians sedated it and removed the can. During a checkup, they discovered that the skunk gave birth to babies recently and needed to be reunited with them as soon as possible.

“Laura was more than happy to help, and we quickly got the skunk back to her home the same day she was admitted. As she ran towards the tree line, we knew she knew exactly where she was,” Raven Ridge Wildlife Center wrote in the Facebook post.