Dog Sees an Actor Lying on Sidewalk and Decides to Do the Same

One thing we love about dogs is how playful they are. They seem like they can take any activity and make them fun. This playfulness usually results in some amazing moments, like one recent viral TikTok video demonstrates.

The video was captured at a public demonstration of an accident between a cyclist and a car in Puerto Montt, Chile. For the purposes of the demonstration, one actor needed to lie on the sidewalk and pretend to be injured. But he didn’t remain there alone for a long time.

Out of nowhere, an adorable dog decided to crash the demonstration and lay on the sidewalk alongside the actor.

This amusing scene was captured by a passerby, who uploaded it on TikTok. The clip ended up getting more than 10 million views.

As it turns out, the dog that joined the demonstration is actually a dog named Gigante, who made the local square his playground. Animal activist Jaramillo Pame told The Dodo that Gigante loves to take part in all sorts of events that take place at the square and captures the heart of everyone who encounters him.

“He’s a puppy in the body of a big dog,” Pame said. “Every time there’s an event in the plaza, he is participating. He loves being at the center of attention.”