Fence Won’t Stop This Water-Loving Dog Taking a Dip in the Pool While His Humans Are Away

Lots of dogs love swimming. Whether it’s a river, ocean, or pool, most of them won’t hesitate to jump in the water. And it is easy to see why. Just like humans, they enjoy the fun that this activity provides and benefit from being cooled down on hot days.

However, there is an Australian shepherd from Brazil named Megan whose love for swimming is so strong that her humans needed to install a fence around the family pool because otherwise, she would spend the entire day there. But as it turns out, not even this could stop the pupper from taking a dip, as seen in a security camera footage shared on Megan’s Instagram profile.

The clip shows Megan waiting until her humans leave the house and then immediately starting to size up the fence and looking for ways to get to the pool. After several failed attempts, the dog manages to jump over and finds herself in the pool; happier than ever.

To make it all even better, Megan got out of the pool and jumped over the fence again by the time the family returned home. Unfortunately, the wet fur gave her away.

“Another hot day in Manaus! There’s no point in putting up a higher fence!,” Megan’s humans captioned the clip.