Frogfish Gives its Owner a Mean Look After Aquarium Cleanup

You would think that fish would enjoy a frequent cleanup of their living space. But one frogfish named Tadpole recently took an issue with his owner because of it.

A recent viral TikTok video shows Tadpole staring through the aquarium glass and giving a mean look to his owner. It turned out that the owner changed the water and vacuumed the rocks inside the aquarium, which ended up messing up Tadpole’s rock configuration.

“This is probably the equivalent of if someone came into my house and vacuumed my house and rearranged my pillows,” Tadpole’s owner can be heard saying while the fish is looking extremely frustrated.

The video ended up going viral, getting more than seven million views in just a couple of days.

Frogfish are intriguing species that can be found in the majority of tropical and subtropical waters. They are known for their camouflage skills, like Tadpole’s seaweed look, which helps them hide from predators and fool their prey.

They usually don’t move much, and when they do, they prefer to “walk” on the ocean floor. Mostly, they’ll settle in one spot and wait for their prey, which is probably why Tadpole was so annoyed about his comfy zone being disrupted. But when necessary, they can be extremely fast and strike their target in six milliseconds.