3-Legged Greyhound and Owner Take Hilarious Selfies

Animals can be funny in their own way—cats for being grumpy and dogs when they have done something wrong. But a three-legged Italian greyhound named Sparky is a character himself. He has a funny smile that can truly make your day. However, he’s even more hilarious when his owner tries to pose for a picture with him. Before the shot, Sparky suddenly melts in Kennedy Simmons’ hands.

Simmons is a veterinary assistant and met Sparky at the office. He had broken his leg with his previous family. Although he got surgery, his family was super scared to let him do anything that could cause him to injure himself again. That’s when Sparky got a new dad.

“Sparky is so fun to be around. He is the biggest goofball, but he is also very mischievous. If you don’t have eyes on him, he gets up on the table and snags food or goes and grabs my socks from the hamper,” Simmons said in an interview for Bored Panda.

Unfortunately, the dog’s leg had to be amputated because the pain still hasn’t stopped after the second surgery. However, it hasn’t stop Sparky’s soul from blossoming and his body from melting.