Fun Facts About Hippos You Probably Didn’t Know

Photo by Leif Linding on Unsplash

One of the largest land mammals, hippos are usually pictured as laid-back animals that spend most of their days soaking in the water. But while this is true for the most part, hippos are much more interesting than you might realize. 

Hippos Produce Their Own Sunblock

Hippos live in hot regions with lots of sunshine. So how they don’t get sunburns? Well, they sweat their own sunblock. Hippos sweat an oily-looking liquid that covers their bodies, keeps them moisturized, and protects them from harmful sun rays.

Hippos Have Really Big Meals

Considering their size, it isn’t shocking to learn that hippos eat a lot of food. However, it will definitely surprise you when you find out how much. Hippos, which are herbivores and mostly eat plants, can go through 80 pounds of grass in just one sitting.

Hippos are Awesome Swimmers

You wouldn’t expect hippos to be good at swimming, but they actually are. They are super fast and capable swimmers who are able to spend up to five minutes underwater.    

Hippos Identify Each Other By Poop

Hippos have a strange way of identifying each other. By smelling the poop of another hippo, they can immediately tell if they are a friend or an enemy.

Hippos Live a Long Life

In the wild, hippos can live up to 40 years. But that number goes up when they are in captivity, where their life span can reach 50 years.